Summa S-Class2 75D Drag Knife

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Summa S-Class2 75D Drag Knife

Incl. understel og kurv USB & LAN
OPOS X and sheet cut-off system


1. True Tangential Technology
Summa offers a True Tangential cutting head, enabling to cut materials quickly and concisely up to
47 mils thick.
A True Tangential head has a motor, controlling the direction of the blade at all times, enabling to cut thick
and hard substrates with unsurpassed high detail and quality.
• All other cutters in the market use drag (swivel) cutting heads and an improved process called “Tangential emulation”.
Tangential emulation tries to simulate this control but does not have any motorized control over the blade. Consequently, tangential emulation will never provide for the same accuracy than if you were to use a cutter with a True Tangential cutting head.
• Video available on

2. Repeatability Guaranteed
‘Repeatability’ is a term, which refers to how accurately the cutter keeps cutting whilst media is
being transported.
• The repeatability guaranteed on the SummaCut line of cutters is 26ft; on the S Class 2 line this
would be 40ft.
The closest competitor in the market only guarantees 6.5ft, which is quite a difference.
• It is important the cutter is able to process the appropriate dimensions accurately at all times,
which can be guaranteed with Summa’s repeatability feature.

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