Avery 2920 QM UD White MATT 1x50m

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Avery Dennison® 2920 QM is a special,
ultra destructible film, especially designed
and formulated to obtain tamper proof
graphics and labels for safety and
security applications.

Product Avery Dennison® 2920 QM Ultra Destructible.

1x50m, 60 micron. Brittle, matt white.
Polymeric cast vinyl.


Permanent, clear, acrylic based.

Up to 5 years (unprinted).

Recommended use:
– Excellent destructibility and high vandal resistance.
– Outstanding durability and outdoorperformance.
– High opacity for superior hiding power.
– Excellent dimensional stability and printability.
– Smooth matt surface for superior appearance.

– Identification markings, instruction panels for manufacturing equipment.
– Nameplates, schematics on mechanical and electrical appliances.
– Permanent warning signs and emblems.
– Vehicle registration and safety inspection labels.
– Non-removable guarantee labels.

Application surface:
– Flat and slightly curved surfaces.

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