Avery 502EF Black Gloss 123×50

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Avery skærefolie 500EF
Black Gloss
Event Film
5 years (vertical exposure)

Avery Dennison® 500EF Event Film
Issued: 07/2021
Avery Dennison 500 Event Film Serie range is ideal for
directional signage, promotional displays, exhibition
stand graphics and short term indoor and outdoor
The films are available in gloss with a permanent
adhesive and in matt with permanent or semipermanent
Avery Dennison 500 Event Film Serie is developed for
signcutting purposes with excellent cutting properties on
a wide range of computerised signmaking equipment.
The matrix can easily be weeded after cutting. Avery
Dennison 500 Event Films are thermal
transfer printable, other digital printing techniques are
not recommended.
Interior sign and display panel applications» .
» Exhibition stand graphics and interior architectural signs.
» Short term outdoor markings and advertising, if matt finish is needed.
» Short term promotional displays.
» Increased reflection opacity of Event Film white, yellow, orange and blue.
» Excellent conversion properties for computerised signmaking.
» Excellent removability of the semi-permanent adhesive from many substrates (up to 1 year)*.
» Extensive colour range with 47 matching colours in the Event Film Matt as well as in the Event Film Gloss
series – all REACh compliant.
» Blue contrast backing paper on Event Film Matt white and Event Film Gloss white for ease of conversion.
» New liner imprint design with square pattern to support manual conversion.
» Good dimensional stability
» Fire certification EN13501-1+A1:2013, B-s1, d0
Note: Do not overlay monomeric plasticised films; migration of components might occur.

Face Film
70 µm, monomerically plasticised vinyl
permanent and semi-permanent, acrylic based
one side coated bleached kraft paper, 125 g/m²
5 years (vertical exposure)
Shelf Life
2 years – stored at 22°C/50%RH

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