Avery DOL2860 60″ Gloss 1,52×50

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Avery DOL2860 60″ Gloss 1,52×50
Premium Polymerisk Laminat 80 my.

Avery DOL 2860
– Gloss Clear Polymeric laminate 80 mic.

DOL 2860 is a Gloss polymeric plasticized,
calendered laminates.
The laminate is specifically designed as a
short- to medium-term protective overlaminate
film for digitally printed images.

Product Avery Dennison® DOL 2860.

Gloss Clear, Film 80 micron.

Flexible, transparent, polymeric calendered vinyl.

Adhesive Permanent, clear pressure sensitive,
acrylic based.

Durability Up to 4 years.

Recommended use:
– Protective overlaminating film for printed images.

– Great price/performance ratio.
– Adds attractive uniform finish to
– Protects against UV radiation and
– Especially designed for inkjet printed images.

Application surface: Flat surfaces or slightly curved.

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