Avery MPI 8726 54″ 1,370x5m

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Avery MPI 8726 is a tough, scuff-resistant, flexible, white premium calendered vinyl film series designed specifically for wall graphic applications. It comes with a choice of three different textures:,Canvas, Stone and Stucco finish.
WallFilm Stone Hi-Tack – Staflat
54″ – 1,372x5m

Recommended use:
– Internal wall murals and wall decorations.
– Indoor advertizing.
– Retail wall graphics.
– Wall decorations.
– Exhibition wall graphics.

– New design opportunities using digitally printable textured film.
– Hi-tack adhesive providing reliable performance on the difficult surfaces, including walls.
– Additional body of film provides optimal opacity and enables ease of application.
– High opacity to fully covering whatever is underneath.
– Premium film with excellent printability across a wide range of technology and inks.

Application surface:
– Suitable for most walls, tested and recommended for use on treated wood, latex painted, plastered and concrete walls.

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