Avery MPI 1105 EA-RS 54″ 1,372×50

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Avery MPI 1105 EA-RS
SuperCast EasyApply-Reposit. Clean long term removable

Avery MPI1105 EA-RS is a gloss white, self-adhesive polymeric
cast vinyl, with grey adhesive. The film is ultra-conformable and opaque, and offer excellent durability and conformability. Entrapped air can easily be rubbed out without the need to punch the vinyl film.

Gloss perm

LTR StayFlat

54″ – 1,372×50, 50 my

Recommended use
– Large fleet graphics.
– Interior & exterior signs.
– Durable advertising, requiring clean removal after intended period of use.
– All permanent applications requiring maximum conformability.

– Stunning print performance and handling on selected printers.
– Unparalleled 3D performance, even for the most demanding corrugations.
– High gloss or matt finishes with laminate.
– Faster, easier installation with Easy Apply RS technology.
– ICS Performance Guarantee.
– Clean long-term removability after years of usage.

Application surface
Flat, curved, riveted and corrugated surfaces.

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