Avery R Silver 50X Perm-PET Solfilm 1,524×31

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Avery R Silver 50X Perm-PET Solar Film 1,22×31


* Highest level of energy efficiency
* Excellent solar heat and glare rejection
* Upgraded building appearance
* Daytime privacy
* 99+% UV block


The R Silver X films provide maximum energy efficiency and value.
By rejecting excess solar radiation, R Silver films cut heat buildup through
the glazing. The R Silver X films are particularly energy efficient on insulated
glass (IGU), rejecting solar energy on the outer pane, keeping the inner pane
cool thereby reducing the HVAC load still further.
R Silver 50X Poly is engineered with a novel adhesive formulation to ensure
compatibility with plastic substrates.


Color: Silver

Technology: Exterior durable SR hard coat vacuu

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