EWJ1012 54″ IKONOS AIR 1,372×5 FR

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EWJ1012 is a gloss white, self-adhesive monomeric
calendered vinyl, with clear permanent adhesive.
The liner that creates a special glue structure, allows for faster and easier application on chosen surfaces. Entrapped air can easily be rubbed out without the need to punch the vinyl film.

Brandhæmmende FR- EN13501-1

IKONOS AIR PRO Gloss White Permanent

Transparent Klæb



Monomerisk Kampagnevinyl

54″ – 1,372×5, 100 mic

Recommended use:
– Interior & exterior signs.
– Temporary promotional and point of sale advertising and all applications to flat or regular surfaces.
– Window decoration.

– Excellent printability and handling on selected printers.
– Excellent application characteristics: positionable adhesive that allows easy removal of entrapped air.
– Time saving due to ease of application.
– Easy cutting and application on a wide variety of substrates.
– Excellent price/performance ratio for outdoor promotional graphics.
– Excellent opacity by using grey adhesive system for overposting needs.

Application surface:
– Flat and slightly curved surfaces.

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