EWJ1042 63″ IKONOS Deko.AIR1,600×25

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EWJ1042 is a silver frosted glass imitation, self-adhesive polymeric
calendered vinyl, with clear permanent adhesive. The liner that creates a speciall glue structure, allows for faster and easier application on chosen surfaces. Entrapped air can easily be rubbed out without the need to punch the vinyl film.

IKONOS AIR DekoFlex Frosted Permanent
63″ – 1,600×25
80 mic.

Recommended use:
– For any flat and transparent surfaces such as windows, shop windows, glass doors, glass walls.

– Excellent application characteristics: positionable adhesive that allows easy removal of entrapped air.
– Time saving due to ease of application.
– Easy cutting and application.
– Excellent price/performance ratio for outdoor promotional graphics.
– Excellent dimensional stability.

Application surface:
– Flat surfaces.

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