EWJ1095 54″ 4-Floor 1,370×30

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EWJ1095 is a monomeric, white,
mat PVC film coated with solvent-free,
high tack acrylic adhesive.
Thanks to special non-skid texture it can be apply on floors directly after printing without any lamination film.
The glue is very high-tack what allows decoration of almost any floor surfaces. Even when they are far from being perfectly flat.

PE-coated, structured liner guarantee perfect flatness during printing and easy application without air bubbles.

IKONOS 4-Floor HighTack EasyApply

For gulvreklamer – Korttids holdbarhed

Skridsikker – R9 certifikat.

Aftagelig op til 9 mdr.

Solvent, Latex, UV

54″ – 1,370×30, 160 mic.

Recommended use:
– For floor graphics.
– Shops and Shopping malls.
– Restaurants.
– Exhibitions.
– Museums.
– Hotels.
– Event graphics.
– Campaigns.
– Shop decoration.
– Stickers.

– Excellent printability and handling on selected printers.
– Easy application through the micro-structured adhesive.
– Durability for up to 3 months.
– Slip resistance DIN 51130 R9.

Application surface:
– Recommended for application on smooth floor coverings e.g ceramic tiles.

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