EWJ2501 Promovue 1535 35/65 1,372×5

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Features & Benefits:

Specifically designed for mid to long-term applications requesting close-viewing and fine text
Clean removability up to 12 months
M1 certification

Printing Compatibility:

Compatible with ALL printing methods

150µ black/white premium polymeric micro-perforated PVC vinyl coated with a
clear removable adhesive. Available with Double PET Liner or two sides 140grs PE coated paper


Long term exterior-mount window graphics for retail and commercial signage, glass doors and
transparent surfaces.
Apply to clean, dry glass surface.
Use mild soap and water to rinse glass
Do not use solvent-based glass cleaner
Remove by peeling from glass at 90°
Application on non glass transparent surfaces such as (but not limited to) poly- carbonate or
PMAA is not recommended.

If exposed to rain and/or dust, an optically clear, compatible overlaminate film is recommended
to prevent holes from filling with dirt or water.
Lamination must be done on perfectly cured/dried ink

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