EWJ2505 Greenvue 1535 35/65 1,372×5 GoGreen

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Features & Benefits:

Innovative non PVC solution
European made solution for better quality control and carbon footprint
The rigidity of this product makes the application very easy

Printing Compatibility:

Latex, Solvent, Eco-solvent and UV inks


100µ perforated PET with a printable top coat for (Eco)-Solvent andLatex inks.
Available with a double PET liner for UV printing


PREMIUM PET for mid to long term exterior-mount applicationson glass surfaces for retail and commercial signage, design andarchitectural applications
Apply to cleaned glass surface

Application on non-glass transparent surfaces such as (but not limitedto) polycarbonate or PMAA is possible but not recommended andmust be tested.
The nature of this product makes it unsuitable for applications oncurved surfaces.

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