EWJ3333PW 40″ TrueColor 140 gr. 1,016×91,4 Core 3″

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EWJ3333PW is a Bright white, matt, coated
special paper for posters and indoor advertising applications. This paper is optimised for printing with aqueous ink systems. Prints are splashproof, resistant to erasure and impress with
high colour density and vibrant colours.

This material achieves very good contour sharpness and
is therefore predestined for the printing of CAD drawings.

Bright white, poster paper for advertising applications

Mat Color Coated

FSC® Certificeret

40″ – 1,016×91,4, 140gr.

– Good colour reproduction
– Very good contour sharpness
– Quick dry
– Resistant to splashes and erasure
– Acid-free
– FSC® Certified

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