EWJ3566 54″ AuroluxBacklit 1372×5

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EWJ3566 is a Gloss coated, tear resistant polyester backlit film
for solvent inks. The strengths of this backlit lie in its pleasant gloss finish, the impressive brilliance with direct and transmissive light plus its incredible resistance.

Aurolux Backlit Glossy

Forside print


Velegnet for Latex blæk

54″ – 1,372×5, 150 my / 180 gr.

Recommended use:
– For light box displays in restaurants, coffe shops, estate shops etc.
– City Light Posters / Outdoor light box displays.

– Excellent printability and handling on selected printers.
– High gloss effects for EcoSolvent and Solvent inks.
– Day and night application.
– Suitable even in areas of high humidity and condensation.
– Good scratch resistance.

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