EWJ3609 54″ Canvas 1372x5m

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EWJ3609 is a satin coated artist canvas with a 1:1 weave for the
highest print expectations.
Due to the special coating, this premium canvas is perfect for heavy ink loads and uniform prints, even with critical dark tones.
It offers excellent drying times with optimised ink fixation.
The coated surface is water-repellent with an excellent
light stability.

Picasso Canvas

Satin Solvent

Velegnet for Latex blæk

54″ – 1,372×5, 420 my / 370 gr.

Recommended use:
– High quality realistic prints of digital
photos or reproduction of other digital
photographic data for brilliant advertising posters.
– For indoor advertising in concerts, theatres,
cinemas or product promotions in shops.
– Realistic computer reproduced/created
works of art, like airbrushing or digital watercolours.

– Satin, water-resistant surface.
– Compared to uncoated canvas, the special
solvent coating allows quicker drying,
homogeneous colours, and better colour brilliance.
– Flexible finishing for ideal performance
during stretching process.

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