EWJ5530 OrangeLumi Jessup Glo Brite 1,37x10m

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Luminescent Solutions

PVC polymeric, luminescent, A-grade, 230 µm, matt, with
clear permanent solvent polyacrylate, double PE

10 m. rulle

EWJ5530 OrangeLumi Jessup Glo Brite 230 mic. is a thin gauge flexible
photoluminescent film coated with a permanent acrylic adhesive.
It has a matte HD print receptive surface
layer compatible with latex, solvent, UV inks or thermal transfer systems
and can be used for a variety of graphic media applications.

EWJ5530 is designed for indoor safety applications such as fire safety
and egress signage for buildings.

Product: Jessup Glo Brite 7615.
Luminescent, A-grade,

Film: 230 micron.
PVC polymeric.

Finish: Matt.

Adhesive: Permanent clear polyacrylic solvent.

Durability: 5+ years depending on the ink used.

Recommended use:
– Fire safety signs.
– Egress signage.
– Marine, Rail safety signage. Class B.
– Military signage. Class C.

– HD Print receptive.
– Flexible thin gauge film.
7615 meets PSPA Class A.
7630 meets PSPA Class B.
7650 meets PSPA Class C.

Application surface: Flat surfaces.

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