EWJ6829 36″ AmaZon RollUp 914×50

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EWJ6829 is a satin coated and tear-resistant polypropylene film
with a waterproof coating for solvent inks. The product has a paper-like touch and the printouts are characterized by high color brilliance, high image definition and long durability.

AmaZon Solvent RollUp

PP Film

Semi-gloss WF


Velegnet for Latex blæk

36″ – 914×50, 190 my.

Recommended use:
– High quality photo reproduction.
– Indoor signs.
– Indoor adverts.
– Pop-up / Roll-up Displays.
– Outdoor signage.
– Billboard, outdoor advertising.

– Tear Proof.
– Good Scratch Resistance.
– Fast drying.
– Outstanding light diffusion.

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