EWJ7026 54″ Dotfilm Mat 1,372×50

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EWJ7026 is a self-adhesive DotFilm designed for very easy application.
The specific formula of the glue makes this film possible to apply by
everyone without special technique or tools. Can be repositioned several times after initial application, but the adhesive get stronger when positioned.
DotFilm adhesive Easy Apply Mat
54″ – 1,372×50
130 mic. Monomeric
Repositionerbar (LA-SO-UV)
HP Latex Certificeret
Flame retardant B1

Recommended use:
– Indoor and outdoor advertising.
– Promotional printings.
– Wall coverings.
– Event graphics.
– Vehicle graphics.
– Campaigns.
– Shop decoration.
– Restaurants.
– Exhibitions.
– Museums.
– Hotels.

– Easy apply.
– Repositionable.
– Indoor and outdoor.
– Print and cut.

Application surface:
– Flat and slightly curved surfaces.

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