EWJ7030 54″ WindowsFilmC 1,372×30

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EWJ7030 is a Ultra clear and removable PET film with silicone
adhesive for window decoration. Due to silicone adhesive,
the material is very easy to install: no stickiness to the fingers,
leaves no residue after removal, wet and dry application possible.
Not suitable for outdoor application.

WindowsFilm Ultra Clear Self-Adhesive

1300 Clear

Silikone klæb


Polyester (LA-SO-UV)

54″ – 1,372×30, 180 mic.

Recommended use:
– Indoor advertising.
– Promotional printings.
– Event graphics.
– Campaigns.
– Shop decoration.
– Restaurants.
– Exhibitions.
– Museums.
– Hotels.

– Repositionable.
– Leaves no residue after removal.
– Only Indoor use.

Application surface:
– Flat surfaces.

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