EWJ7115 36″ Multilay.Metal 914×5

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EWJ7115 is a PVC-PET multilayer that combines a silver
sandblasted face film with a mirrored back to make your roll-up shine like never before!
The sandblast finish exploits light refraction to emphasize colors and shades, giving brightness to the imagery.
The mirrored back instead absorbs and reflects,
beautifying the surrounding.



Glittering effect silver

36″ – 914×5, 230 mic. / 290 gr.

Recommended use:
– Roll-Up.
– Outdoor/Indoor signs.
– Shop displays.
– City billboards.
– Subway billboards.

– Excellent printability and handling on selected printers.
– Mirrored back.
– Brightness to the imagery.
– Tear resistant.

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