EWJ7148 30″ CottonCanvas 76,2×18 SuperWh.gl TILBUD

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EWJ7148 is a new cotton canvas super white.
It keeps not only the softness and the “cotton-touch” but,
at the same time, it also has a very high tensile strength as well as a good dimensional stability, which are not so common in canvas for fine art.

Cotton Canvas Super White.

Super White Gloss


54″ – 1,524×18, Film 360 gr.

Recommended use:
– High quality realistic prints of digital
photos or reproduction of other digital
photographic data for brilliant advertising posters.
– For indoor advertising in concerts, theatres,
cinemas or product promotions in shops.
– Realistic computer reproduced/created
works of art, like airbrushing or digital watercolours.

– Gloss Super White water-resistant surface.
– High stability.
– Flexible finishing for ideal performance during stretching process.

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