EWJ7449 54″ArtCanvas ROMA 1,372×25

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EWJ 7449 is a digital canvas of medium to coarse grain for
artistic reproduction.
This rustic look is produced through a combination of 100% cotton and the structure of the yarn (in this case, the thread structure is two threads per weft and two per warp).
This makes it ideal when it comes to digital pictorial reproduction. With this canvas you get uploaded images of strength and stamina, which will give the appearance of a real artistic canvas.

ArtCanvas ROMA



HP Latex CertifiCeret

54″ – 1,372×25, 370 gr.

Recommended use:
– Indoor signs.
– Framed art.
– Outdoor signage.
– Art prints (clichés).
– Poster.
– Exhibition works.
– Stage decoration.

– High stability against environmental influences.
– Fast drying.
– Brilliant colour reproduction.
– No reflections on the printed surface.
– Natural coloured textile backing.
– Further processing by sewing or eyeleting possible.
– Suitable for stretching on stretched bars
(no cracking on edges).

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