EWJ7826 54″ Vinyl MAT 137,2×50

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EWJ7826 is a 100 micron white matt calendered monomeric
PVC with a high-tack permanent adhesive suitable for
wall graphic applications.

Vinyl High-Tack Permanent Mat White

Grå Klæb

For Latex/Solvent/UV

54″ – 1,372×50, 100 mic.

Recommended use:
– Medium term indoor / outdoor applications.
– Difficult, flat surfaces.
– Wall coverings.
– Indoor floor marking applications with structured overlaminate.
– Stickers and signs.
– Shop decoration.
– Restaurants.
– Museums.
– Hotels.

– Excellent printability and handling on selected printers.
– Indoor and outdoor.
– Fire resistant.
– Suitable for over lamination if required.
– Print and cut.

Application surface:
– Flat and slightly curved surfaces.

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