EWJ7930 54″ panoRama 1,37×5

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EWJ 7930 is a perforated pressure sensitive window film designed
for short to mid-term applications so as events.
This product offers 30% open area. It is perfect for those who would like to unite quality and competitiveness.

panoRama Innova 20 OWV (30/70%) “DeepHoleLiner”

For butiksruder


Solvent, Latex, UV

54″ – 1,37×5, 145 mic.

Recommended use:
– Indoor and outdoor promotional graphics.
– Shopping windows.
– Building windows.
– Backlit.

– Removability up to 1 year under normal conditions (6 months without residue).
– Special liner finish enables an easy handling when applying on the window.
– Excellent printability and handling on selected printers.

Application surface:
– Flat and slightly curved surfaces.

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