EWJ8090 Photo Paper 230 Glossy 137×30

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EWJ 8090 Photo Paper

230 Glossy


Photo Paper 230 Glossy

Photo Paper 230 Glossy is a photo paper with a high glossy surface. The
coating is made with common eco solvent-, solvent-, UVC- and latex-based inks and has
an excellent flatness. The ink receiving layer permits intensive and brilliant colours for high
resolution photographic prints. The premium RC basic paper is mounted on both sides with
PE film which brings stability and a pleasant touch.

Photo Paper 230 Glossy permits a fast drying and short workflow and
easy lamination. The complete drying time can vary according to the ink amount and the
atmospheric conditions. We advice to unroll the printed strip and laid flat as soon as possible
until final drying.
To avoid fingerprints the use of cotton-gloves is advisable.

Typical applications are photo realistic prints, shop window advertising, posters, presentations,
signs and displays for indoor.

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