GERA Fold 218 CutPro System

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Freestanding professional folding & Cutting equipment incorporating all features of GeraFold 218 and offering the possibility to trim documents in its standard configuration. A unique all-in-one solution which allows multiple job within the same space.

Trimming Device: Standard

All-in-one Pro-system for folding & trimming operations
Professional folder with extra large table allowing uninterrupted workflow, manual trimmer and touch screen control panel.
Designed to fold automatically and trim manually a wide range of documents at high speed with outstanding quality. The best option for those who are looking for a versatile and highly productive solution.

GeraFold 218 Cut
– Manual Cutting device for trimming operations
– Large table to support constant workflow
– Space saver tiltable table
– Suitable for a wide range of folding requirements
– Folds documents of unlimited length
– Unique touch screen control board
– Folding speed: 15 A0/E size per minute
– Suitable for any professional office or Reproshop

Main Characteristics
– Professional freestanding folder & cutter
– Superior productivity thanks to the large table designed to support uninterrupted operator’s workflow at high folding speed
– Unlimited fan folded length by module of 4 meters
– Customizable folding programs & styles for special requirements by Touch Screen
– Fan fold & cross fold in 2 steps
– Cross folding up to 3 folds and thickness up to 8 panels.
– Plug & play device, easy to use & maintain
– Silent and Reliable

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