HP 8SU09A Removable Adhesive Fabric 1,520×30,5m

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HP Removable Adhesive Fabric

Med liner 289gr

Fabric 169gr

Easy-to-install, reposition, and remove:
Enjoy the ease of working with this repositionable adhesive-back fabric
that is easy to install, reposition, and remove with virtually no residue.
The special adhesive is designed to stick to non-porous surfaces to create seamless,
photographic image quality wall and floor graphics.
Use on indoor smooth floor surfaces in dry conditions.

Reduce the environmental impact of printing:
Offer an adhesive fabric that complies with high health standards.
Help meet environmental and safety objectives with this REACH compliant,
1 flame-resistant, 2 adhesive fabric.

Grab attention with vibrant image quality for a variety of applications:
Capture realistic graphic detail for applications from wall murals and
event signage to retail displays. Achieve a high-quality look with this versatile,
easy-to-handle, repositionable self-adhesive fabric—ideal for a wide range of
indoor and outdoor applications.

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