HP Wallpaper PVC Free 42″ 1,067×30,5

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HPCH098B42X5 is a PVC free Wallpaper with
pre-pasted adhesive. Be productive, easy to print,
install, and remove.
Maintain high productivity in your printshop and
offer your customers an easy-to-use solution.
This wallpaper goes up – and comes down with water, and it comes with an HP warranty.

CH098B – Pre-pasted

For Latex blæk

42″ – 1,067×30,5, 175 gr.

Recommended use:
– For wall covering.
– Ideal for creating customized interior design.
– Shop decoration.
– Restaurants.
– Exhibitions.
– Museums.
– Hotels.

– Excellent printability and handling on selected printers.
– PCV free alternative, easier to dispose of
than most PVC based substrates.
– Mold and mildew resistant.
– Vivid color, high-definition detail.
– Ultra-smooth finish.
– Indoor display permanence up to 20 years.
– Prepaste facilitates easy application.
– Strippable and easy to remove, with an HP warranty.
– Flame resistant.
– Carries the CE mark.
– FSC® certified.

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