KEENCUT Evolution 3 E3BT110 110cm

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Permanently installed for immediate use, the Evolution3 BenchTop is perfect for a busy studio or high use production environment.

Keencut’s unique Lift-and-Hover (patent pending) technology enables single-handed, fast and accurate alignment of all material, irrespective of thickness. Lower the clamping bar and it hovers just above the material surface with zero sag, even on the full length 5.5m (216″) cutter. Use the sightline strip to see where the cut will be made, then fully engage the clamp – it’s so simple.

You can rapidly change the QuikSwap heads to provide general cutting, creasing or fabric cutting, and you are always guaranteed ultra-high 0.2mm (0.008″) precision accuracy with every cut.

Single handed operation
Two unique, patent pending features enable single-handed,
fast and accurate alignment of all materials, irrespective of thickness.
The Lift-and-Hover system enables the clamping bar to be easily
raised and then lowered so it hovers just above the material surface.
The anti-sag mechanism means the cutter bar can be suspended
exactly parallel to the media surface over the whole length of the
cut with zero sag.

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