Mactac 9800 Cast Farver 1,23x50m

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MACal 9800 CAST are polymeric stabilized cast vinyl
films coated with a durable permanent adhesive
giving excellent dimensional stability.


MACal 9800 CAST is designed for computer cutting
and fast weeding, even for small letters and fine
Face Material: Polymeric stabilized cast vinyl, 66 µm
thick, cadmium-free. MACal 9800 CAST SL have a
white tie-coated face at the back.
Adhesive: High quality clear solvent based
permanent acrylic adhesive.
Liner: Highly stable 135 g/m² white kraft paper with
MACtac backprinting.

For white vinyls the liner is coated with a blue
silicone coating to improve the contrast with the
film colour.
NB : CONTRAST ensures a clear view during the
stripping process therefore improving productivity

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