Neolt Electro Sword 310cm

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Elektrisk 310 cm.
Skæremaskine til AluSandwich, foam, pvc, plexiglas plader og glas.
Diverse extraknive som tilbehør.


Sword EL is the electric vertical cutting system designed on
the real needs of small and medium sign makers, fitters and retail,
industry and companies with high volumes of cut. Available in the
210, 250 and 310 sizes, it’s ideal for a wide range of standard and
customized, graphic and industrial substrates.

Electric motor at high performance and precision. Adjustable cutting
speed with potentiometer. The constant strength obtained by the motorized
system assures a very high cutting precision. Foot pedal start up.

With its robust body, the Sword EL is equipped with a high-performance
and high-precision motor, with a potentiometer that allows the operator to
easily adjust the speed. The motorized movement enables a stable pressure
on the cutting path, that results in great precision and lower blades consumption.

FIXED BLADE 01: Thickness from 1 to 30 mm, Materials: cardboard / foam kmount
/ gato foam / spongy, media / Expanded polhyurethane / plastic from 0,5 mm / films
/ plastic alveolar / reboard

FIXED BLADE 02: Thickness from 1 to 10 mm, Materials: leather / forex / plastic from
0,5 mm cut in two steps: from down to up and viceversa

BLADE 03 (OPTIONAL): Blade for Dibond from 1 to 4 mm, Blade V-Cut from 5 to 30 mm,
Blade GlassCut up to 3 mm, Lama per PlexCut da 1 a 3 mm, Materials: reboard /
spongy media / expanded polyurethane

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