Neolt Electro Sword Special 310cm

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Model ELS310
Skæremaskine til AluSandwich, foam, pvc, plexiglas plader og glas
Perfekte snit med roterende fræs.
Tilbehør: Laser Kit og Vacuum Cleaner for opsamling af skærespåner.

Sword ELs: power and excellence in vertical cutting

Built on the success of Sword and Sword EL, here’s the most innovative
multifunctional and automated vertical cutter ever made by Neolt Factory,
once again designed on the basis of customers’ demand.


Custom-built, but accessible to many
Absolute manufacturing excellence, Italian design, uncompromising power,
high cutting precision: this is the promise of Sword ELs for modern sign makers,
stand builders and industrial and artisan businesses with high cutting volumes
of rigid and special substrates. All with a keen eye on the budget and with the
highest levels of investment protection.

Multi-tool, multi-material, ultra-fast and XXL:

Sword ELs is characterized by a light and elegant, but at the same time robust
and reliable body. The unique design of the cutter equipped with millimetric ruler
allows a safe and quick tool change, with the possibility of having two fixed blades
always in position for the cutting of carboards and Forex, alongside with to a third
motorized 30.000 rpm tool for cutting methacrylate and Dibond up to 5 mm thick,
with creasing function for folding-only requirements.

Available in 2100, 2500 and 3100 mm heights, Sword ELs can reach speeds up to
24 meters per minute, and thanks to the solid and extra large base it can accomodate
large size boards.

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