SEF FlexCut SSB Maxima 0,5x25m

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FlexCut SBB Maxima is the 4th generation SBB film by SEF.
Highly technical film designed to prevent migration when heat transferring to dyed polyester fabrics (sports jerseys type).



Color migration
Heat transferring films on polyester or polyamide fabrics can result in “migration”.
The heat of the press can re-activate the inks and start migration (change the color)
on the heat-transferred graphic. This migration, or re-sublimation, phenomenon can
take 48 to 72 hours to happen, sometimes even 2 to 3 weeks.

1) If you transfer on fabrics other than polyester or polyamide there is no
actual migration risk, you can therefore use any of our standard heat transfer films.

2) If you transfer on sublimated polyester fabrics (the back of the fabrics is white or
lighter shade of color) a low temperature SEF film like FlexCut X4 can prevent migration.
But test don’t guess and use SBB Maxima films if you have any doubts !

3) If you transfer on dispersed dyed polyester fabrics (same color back and front of the fabric)
the use of SEF SBB Maxima films is mandatory. “Soft shell” garments made out of dispersed
dyed micro fibers are the worst “migration” case scenario, we recommend to carefully test
FlexCut SBB Maxima films every time.

Waterbased PU
Thickness (without liner): 120µ
Fastness: 60°C
Transfer Temperature: 130°C
Transfer Time: 10 seconds
Pressure: Medium/High
Cold peeln


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