Summa S-Class3 75T Tangential Knife NYHED

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NYHED – S-Class3

Summa S-Class3 75T Tangential Knife

Incl. understel og kurv USB & LAN
OPOS X and sheet cut-off system

Explore New Opportunities

The S Class 3 is perfect for the Sign and Display Industry, especially for professionals who demand nothing
short of top performance. New features enable you to expand your business as the roll cutter runs
smoother and faster than before, yet is still incredibly accurate, improving your workflow’s efficiency
without losing quality. You can cut through more materials, and a creasing option was added.
All this opens up your business to new opportunities.

What are the S Class 3 Key Benefits?

True Tangential Cutting Technology. The unique motorised knife with accurate depth control can cut
through thin, thick and tough material with ultimate precision.

OPOS Camera with onboard image processing. The new OPOS Camera is more performant and, thanks to
its onboard image processing, provides ultra-fast mark recognition, making your workflows smoother and
more efficient.

Performance Head. This high-precision cutting head can now carry two tools at once, which allows you to
cut and crease or cut and draw without changing tools.

Smart Object Sorting and Panelling. The Smart Object Sorting feature selects the most optimal starting
point for cutting objects, while the Smart Panelling feature focuses on cutting the objects within a set
range in the most efficient way.

Increased Ergonomics. With a blue, green, and red-lighted status bar, easily identifiable adjustable
components and a strategically placed tool tray, the S Class 3 is focused on ergonomics and ease of use.

Optimised media handling. The new media roll can now handle a diameter of 20 cm and supports a roll
weight of up to 45 kg, which is highly beneficial for Print&Cut applications, including laminated vinyl.

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