YelloRoller Plain Soft 50mm

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Simplified pressure roller with angled handle

YelloRoller Plain makes it much easier to apply large-format graphics, digital prints and stencil films. Thanks to its sturdy construction and smooth-running, replaceable rollers, this hand roller is the ideal application tool with a long service life and excellent price-performance ratio.

This application roller is a simpler version of the YelloRoller Flexi without its adjustable handle. This version also offers ball-bearing rollers with excellent running characteristics in two different hardness and five width variants. It is ideal, for example, as a secondary or spare tool for outdoor use on construction sites and in other environments with an increased risk of contamination.

Product features:
pressure roller for gluing applications

two different roll hardnesses

five different roll widths

high-performance rolls with ball bearings

optimized smooth running properties

high quality finish

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