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Yellotools Janus: customizable tool system for sign makers and car wrappers!
With the revised Janus products, Yellotools continues the tool system approach as previously with WetMaxx. Its special feature: Two tools can be used at once – an efficient dual-head system that eliminates the constant picking up and putting down of individual tools.

Product features

modular tool system for sign making and car wrapping applications

supports any combination of scalpel blade, drag knife blade, weeding hook and piercing needle

various application possibilities: cutting, weeding and removing air bubbles with only one tool

scalpel blades are also available with titanium coating

all system parts can also be ordered individually

Janus System: Dual head tools for efficient work:

Named after the ancient Roman god, the Janus tool system features two “heads”:
The slim Janus Handle has a fine thread at both ends, to which different tool tips
can be attached. Depending on the application, you can use any combination of
scalpel blade, weeding hook, piercing needle or drag knife blade. This makes it
easy to weed plotter and textile films, pierce air bubbles or cut curves and circles
in vinyls without having to change tools.

The Janus system offers you maximum flexibility thanks to the various combination
options: by simply exchanging the tool tips, you can assemble the right tool for the
current job quickly.

Do you need to apply lettering or graphics on a vehicle? Then the weeding hook with
the piercing needle is the ideal combination: First weed the small punches from the
vinyl, then adhere it bubble-free to the vehicle body
Do you produce stickers in small quantities and cut them to size individually?
With the extra-sharp scalpel blade and the drag knife blade you are perfectly
equipped for this job!

Do you work with textile films? Use the scalpel blade for cropping the plotted
motif and then the weeding hook to lift out the punches!

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