Yellotools SpeedMag HD Magnet

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Mounting magnet as a third hand for professional vinyl applicators

This strong mounting magnet has become a real classic. It was specially developed for signmakers to fix and apply graphics and digital prints without any outside help. The so-called accordion technique can also be used with the SpeedMag HD.

The magnetic plate has a rubber-like, abrasion-resistant coating to protect the film surface. If you want to be on the safe side and protect the film additionally, you can cover your magnets with Yellotools MagPatch self-adhesive pads.

And this smart mounting magnet is not only suitable for applying vinyl – in the world of signmaking, there are countless possible applications, e.g. in the production of advertising materials or as a holder for adhesive tapes and other equipment. And in combination with our GeckoPatch adhesive pads, SpeedMag HD is also suitable for glass surfaces and aluminium car bodies 😉

Product features

strong adhesion
tractive force 10 kg
shear force 3 kg
holding force 100 Newton
for application work without assistance
special coating protects car bodies and other surfaces
weight incl. handle: 42 g
dimensions of the magnetic plate: 43 x 6 mm
maximum operating temperature: 60 °C

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