Yellotools TimStick Lifting aid for vinyl film rol

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Product features

lifting aid for film rolls
back-friendly lifting, transport and storage
two ergonomically shaped handle areas
compatible with Twister Slot / Twister Stripe Slot
material: coated Multiplex wood
Quality product Made in Germany

Lifting film rolls easily and back-friendly with the Yellotools TimStick

Thanks to this brilliant idea from our customer Tim Lafrance of East Coast
Sign & Design in Lewiston, USA, the annoying bending down when handling
heavy rolls of film is now a thing of the past. The TimStick in combination with
the Twister Slot or Twister Stripe Slot is the ideal aid for storing rolls of film.

The ergonomically shaped handle allows you to lift heavy rolls of film with ease:
simply hook the end of the TimStick into the core of the film roll and lift it up,
holding the upper end of the roll with your other hand. The film material is then
carried horizontally to the printer or plotter and placed there. The entire process
is done with no need to bend down – your back will be grateful 😉

The TimStick has two milled grip areas, one at the upper end and one slightly lower,
around the middle of the stick. The lower grip section is good for lifting smaller rolls
of film up to about 1 metre in width.

When the loaded Twister Slot needs to be moved from its storage place to the printer,
plotter or cutting table, it can easily be pulled using the TimStick. The lifting aid can
then be placed in the separately available TimStick Station, where it is always ready to hand.

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